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Yates reminds us that kids are little only once. All too soon, the kids will grow up, and mothers will have adequate rest, order, and solitude. Cherish those childhood moments now and know that even the difficult ones will not last forever, despite the feeling that they will.

His book details research on specific practices of those parents who have successfully raised spiritual champions.

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The book is concrete, thoroughly researched, practical, and to the point. Covey A father of nine children and a successful business guru, Stephen Covey took the principles of his wildly successful 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and applied those principles to family life.

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Covey reminds his readers that you need a plan to guide your family to its destination if you care about where your family ends up, and he gives specific suggestions on implementation. That is like saying there are too many flowers. Her discussions of money, parenthood and stress, the supermom myth, likeable kids, and school success will resonate with all parents.

Yet I also often see acts of selflessness and touching moments of deep love.

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  • The principles in this book can help engender more of the latter and less of the former. We have noticed that when we abide by the precepts of the book, the children respond in wonderful ways. The book gives seemingly formulaic suggestions for how to deal with common types of conflicts, but the amazing thing is how well the principles work when put into practice. With contributions on choices such as homeschooling, Catholic schools, Reggio Emilia schools, and special learning needs schools, this book offers a detailed and varied discussion of the options available.

    Whether you are just beginning the selection process or have already started down a particular path, this book will offer valuable new insights. This devotional was first compiled in by Jonathan Bagster, and Ruth Graham gave it to her daughter, Anne, for her tenth birthday. As a parent, Lotz gave copies to her children for their tenth birthdays.

    Lotz enjoys knowing that wherever her family is, they are all reading the same devotionals for that day. The book has morning and evening devotionals that are compiled from Bible verses. I enjoy reading these passages with my girls.

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