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Its narrative style was indulgent. I must confess, however, I feel a little bad criticiszing the book of another Welshman! I read less books at present which strongly contradict my strongly held views than I used to. I find the emotional rise they produce in me outweighs the intellectual benefits. Though of course I disagree with your assesment it is very interesting indeed to hear such strong opinions about the book about which I am accustomed to hear mostly praise.

A close friend was moved recently to give me a copy of Secrets of the Vine by Bruce Wilkinson, who is better known for his book The Prayer of Jabez. It all seemed so confused and wrapped in self-referencing confabulations. His abstractions, as in the Dawkins interview, almost seem to confuse himself. We should learn what it is that actually helps us gain trust and how to preserve it. Anyway, thanx for the N.

Wright recommendation, at least he offers something I can respond to a little more substantially that my above emotional rant. Mike I totally get it.

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And actually, it is even a fuller relationship with a friend when they take your reciprocal recommendation with equal seriousness. Looking forward to your review.

I do have to agree with Tony on at least one point, though keep in mind I have read mostly only articles — so his books may be different. Williams is going to come off as indulgent and even self-referentially obtuse, because in reality he navigates a very tricky road between liberal and conservative Christians both within the Anglican church and without i. It really is nothing short of brilliant given the number of opinions to which he is writing. Nonetheless, for someone like you, I can see how it comes off as hackneyed.

Wright, on the other hand, has honed his art toward the layman. Shawn An atheist friend asked me what I thought of the book and I told him the same. Here is the link to his web site, it is crammed with all kinds of things — poke around a bit. Many find this to be elusive, I find it something I wish I could do and be. People can disagree and interpret differently.

That is a good point to make, it is easy to come down hard on those trying to walk a middle ground and possibly effect positive change. About 18 months ago I read J. But it was hard and generated a lot of feelings of frustration and anger. And I surrounded at the time by those who would prescribe to that brand of theology which made it all the more difficult. I feel I know enough about that area to ease back from studying it, and it is not worth the stress to pursue further, at least not all the time. A Christian recommended me this book knowing I was an Atheist. Rambling - Sports & Outdoors / Biographies & Memoirs: Books

And trust me, I know that liking or disliking a book is all a matter of taste. I was hoping you could share something more substantial. Sabio : 1 I followed a link from my dashboard to this post. Apparently someone found my blog through the link you provided above. It was a series of talks given to Christians, so yes, it was aimed at established believers. Thus, I was very disappointed in the recommendation of that book. It is geared to believers and only believers of a certain type.

It has poor reasoning and is verbose. Just my impression.

Reflections of a Welshman : Part Three of the Confessions Trilogy

He seemed to avoid being clear headed and appeared confused. I am glad you like him though.

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Do I read books that I suspect to contradict my strongly held opinions? You are commenting using your WordPress.

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You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Under the Skin by Michel Faber — Thriller. Anyway, the book sounded fascinating though strange — a woman cruises the Scottish Highlands, picking up hitchhikers. So I ordered them and now I just have to find the time to read them! She created a gripping story in book 1 and I really want to see where it goes! Something about the covers?

Welsh man tells his story about his favourite book The Quran and how it came into his life

The first book was Wondrous Strange , the second is Darklight. The qualities I liked are still there, I think. I hope. And there it was! Rosie Black is a Banker who discovers an unusual box, a discovery that has grave consequences and forces her to flee. Vera has been secretly in love with her best friend, Charlie, for as long as she can remember — until he ruins everything and betrays her. But then Charlie dies, and Vera knows more about him than anyone else, even his family. Will she come forward with what she knows to clear his name? Does she even want to? It sounds so simple, put like that, but King showed in her debut novel that she has an astute grip on edgy teens and presents some intriguing characters.

Together they journey to the kingdom and to find the prince and free the people from the curse that keeps some out of the kingdom, and others trapped inside. Our tastes usually converge, but not always. I bought this for superficial reasons — I liked the graceful drape of her dress and lilt of her wrist — just before leaving for Australia, and ended up taking it with me to read while I was there. It still had many of the common characteristics of this kind of YA novel that tend to drive me batty, but.

Ah crap. I read the book in a day and loved it, I think it was just what I needed at the time — a light, mysterious and compelling fantasy. Pavlova, me thinks.

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You know when you scroll through your Goodreads updates, a book someone else has read or added just pops out at you and you go and buy it just like that? Has anyone read this? Confessor by Terry Goodkind — Fantasy. Okay, so the Sword of Truth series went seriously down the crapper after the first several books exactly when depends on the reader — for me it was 6 , but I still want to finish the bloody thing!

I realised recently that I never did get around to getting a copy of the last book in the series, this one, 11 — mostly because whenever I saw it I thought I already had it. The cover is basically the same as 10, after all, and the title is plain. Hee hee. Come on, you know the reason the book appeals to so many of us is because of the simmering sexual tension throughout the whole bloody book — and why there are so many spin-offs and sequels, everyone wants to indulge in something a bit more explicit. What Bloom appears to have done, from my quick flip-through, is to read between the lines and then give impressions voice.

Reckless by Anne Stuart — Historical Romance.

I got this, the second book, and the third below on a whim, and read this one almost immediately — I was in the right mood for it. This is the trouble with leaving reviews till late! Why else do I write the bloody things if not to help me remember?!