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The U. Census Bureau has collected several of the sources for historical world population rates. Haub told me that he takes 50, B.

The Dead Outnumber the Living (Infographic)

Overall, then, he estimates that the human population grew from two people in 50, B. As I said earlier and as you probably guessed , most of those people who have been born are no longer with us. And the dead would outnumber the living 11 to 1. If you think those numbers are shaky and you should, Shannah! I tried to look at the basics: age, location and sex.

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Unsurprisingly, accurate data on life expectancy throughout human history is pretty scarce, but the numbers that do exist are low. In the Copper Age, between and B.

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As of , average global life expectancy at birth is 71 years. It seems safe to assume that the demographics of the dead are considerably younger than the demographics of the living.

Population, births, deaths

This involves yet more discussion among historians and anthropologists about whether humans originated in one place at one time or in several places at several times. Countries and continents aside, rural life has become less common — according to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, humans are more urbanized now than at any point in human history. In , just 29 percent of the world lived in cities, but by that had climbed to 54 percent. Which means that most dead people in human history will be country folk.

Finally, sex. Most estimates agree the Soviet Union suffered the highest number of total deaths in World War II, between 22 and 28 million. The population of the Soviet Union was ,, This represents a total loss of On the other hand, the United States suffered , deaths out of a population of ,, which represents 0.

Three Percent of the World’s Population Died in the 1918 Flu Pandemic

There are several factors which account for the incredible discrepancies in total fatalities. First the Soviet Union, like all of Europe, had been fighting the war for several years before the United States entered.

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Secondly, the war was fought on the soil of the Soviets and the other European countries. The civilians in these countries were caught in the middle of the great conflict and were the targets of the opposing sides. The issue of the value of life and the strategies used by the Soviet military accounted for a large number of fatalities.

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  • Colonization of Americas decimated population, caused global cooling.
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  • Finally, the Germans considered the Russians ethnically inferior and German death squads targeted Russian Jews. The Soviets were not the only country to suffer high fatality figures. Germany suffered between 7 to 9 million deaths. With a population of over 80 million, this represents a fatality rate of over 8. Poland suffered nearly 6 million dead. The Polish deaths are mostly civilians as result of the Genocide against Polish Jews. The country which may have suffered the most deaths was China with total fatalities estimated at between 15 to 20 million.

    Two Russian women in the ruins of Stalingrad, Russia, August Photographed by Jakov Rjumkin.

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    Courtesy of the German Federal Archive.