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Guests can enjoy amazing panoramic scenery from the swing chair on each private outdoor veranda by the River Kwai. The signature views of the resort are those of the rocky cliff on the opposite side of the river.

Over the River: The Short Story

For many people, this is the trip of their dreams: the most luxurious and romantic resort imaginable, floating on the historic waters of the River Kwai , ringed on both sides of the river by scenic views of mountains jungled with the verdant greens of innumerable plant species and filled with all sorts of wild birds.

Here the visitor experiences an incredibly cool and refreshing atmosphere and the luscious cool of streams while surrounded by every comfort and convenience. Developed with the eco-conscious in mind, The FloatHouse River Kwai Resort is built from local materials and it is staffed mainly by the local community. Besides pure relaxation and comfort, The FloatHouse River Kwai Resort offers plenty of excursions and sightseeing providing guests with a destination rich in nature, history and culture.

It really has everything: views of lush forests, towering limestone mountains, a historic river, and tremendously interesting activities on both water and land; Rafting downstream. Stalactites and Stalagmites Cave exploration. Riding mountain bikes.

On and on, including sightseeing trips to temples and a Mon tribal village. Will come again.

BBAR – Building Bridges Across The River

And our guide, Pei was very good and funny. Again the guide was great and the massage was nice. Scenery is breathtaking.

Over The River / 柳ジョージ (1991)

Wish we were staying longer so we could relax more. Excursions were really interesting.

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Managers were nice and you staff was very friendly. We will surely come back here!!! Missoula was also too built up to stand in for itself in the s—an issue that the film solved by shooting in smaller cities with more of a rural feel. Today, the property offers three and more-day fly-fishing excursions, including stays in their riverside log cabins with working fireplaces.

Thailand: never colonised, but certainly occupied

Stay close to the river at the Guest Ranch's Pond and Riverside cabins. The Ranch, which was started by a woman doctor over years ago, is laid back and very Robert Redford in chaps-like. There are cookouts with cowboy coffee made over open flames and no one dresses in anything that will get ruined by wading out in the Gallatin or on escapades in nearby Yellowstone National Park. The property still sees travelers coming on their fly-fishing excursions with dog-eared copies of the book in their jeans pockets and images of Brad Pitt standing in a light-bedecked river in their head.

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Big Sky Country still lures travelers who are longing for the peace and art inherent in a a perfect cast of line and a River Still Runs Through It. Erosional and depositional landforms Meanders As the river makes its way to the middle course , it gains more water and therefore more energy.

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A Above The River Cabin

As a river goes around a bend, most of the water is pushed towards the outside. This causes increased speed and therefore increased erosion through hydraulic action and abrasion. Water on the inner bend is slower, causing the water to slow down and deposit the eroded material, creating a gentle slope of sand and shingle.