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RA: Squirrels On Film Label Night Sf at F8 Folsom, San Francisco ()

They definitely look like some Midwestern bullshit of an animal though. Night squirrels are scary, but not quite as terrifying as night bunnies. Ok, I like you. There are other things to worry about. I hate hate hate flying fucking squirrels. With their creepy screechiness and their skin flap wings. Thanks, Victor. So he is just as witty as you, it seems.

At least it was Night Squirrels and not Night Sweats. Like the boogeyman.

Or Phil Spector. Victor needs to learn to pay attention. Of course, since he cursed you with flying squirrels, you must now curse him with something more horrible — flying biting ants. He will never see them coming. Holy shit! Those eyes will haunt my dreams.

Grey squirrel biology, behaviour and habitat

Until the squirrels get me, I guess. I hope they take me quickly…. You make me absolutely guffaw!

Red and white giant flying squirrel

You always underestimate the knowledge of Victor. You should be scared. Veeeeeeerrrrry scared. This probably makes no sense to you. Actually those squirrels are pretty cute up close. Gary Ablett Sr. And night squirrels will attack from the sky- gnawing their way right down to your jugular. Try running from that thing once it latches on! Just saying. I always knew those little bastards were out to get me.

Thank God my children are too lazy to maintain pets in the long term. Not important stuff like night squirrels. So thanks. Have I mentioned how much my husband loves sharing a bed with me? And now I have to worry about killer night squirrels? Well…not exactly. Good news for you is that you know me, and I know B, my husband who is 1 apparently immune to typhod and rabies and 2 and idiot.

Remember when I was an asshole to you? Now you can call me out LIVE. Awesome for me.

Get the damn thing a pair of sunglasses! Things you should not wear to work. Thanks a lot Victor. What is he, and idiot savant?

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Thanks Victor. Worry not, Bloggess. The cougars will eat the angry night squirrels as an appetizer or perhaps a palate cleanser? Victor for the win! Way to be selfish, Victor. Not me. Our relationship is nothing like that. Is this another drill? They would explain those late night noises though…. Oh Jezuz Christ…I laughed so hard I pooped. Ok, not really but that was some funny shit.

About Fairfax County Park Authority

I have that kind of relationship with my gf…well not the kind where I wish she was mauled by cougars, but the kind where we can joke with each other. She has a great sense of humor and is not afraid of night squirrels. You sissy. It is such a relief to know that we are not the only ones throwing curse words at each other like little pieces of love poems. Night squirrels?!

Like I didnt have enough to be afraid of.

Buffalo squirrels do not go hush in the night

Now Im never going to sleep again. Wheres my fucking xanax?! Thanks alot victor. Do husbands want that? I answered my own question. Night squirrels may just be squirrels with insomnia and anger issues. WTF me?

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It was just like watching Cops. Except it was live! And in my backyard! Sleep well, sweet prince. Sleep well. Aaaaannnd yet another reason why you should have bought Pocahontas Wikipedia. I will blame Victor. I came across your blog a few weeks ago. So thank you for being awesomely entertaining AND literate.