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Performance Flyer. Songs of Sunset with the Washington Metropolitan Philharmonic. Audio CD available from Dr. Mark Whitmire. Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom also on the program Alexandria Concert Band. Performance Program Program Flyer. Chichester Psalms with Washington Metropolitan Philharmonic. Handel, Judas Maccabaeus Performed by St.

Mark Whitmire, conductor. Performance Program 11MB. Verdi, Requiem with Alexandria Symphony Orchestra. Performance Program 2. Professional audio recording.

Kalmus | Miriam's Song of Triumph, Op.

Conducted by Dr. Recorded Sunday, December 12, Church of the Epiphany, Washington, DC. All large. Audio File. Performance Program 3. Performance Program 1.

From Fred: Recognize that this is not a finished audio recording. When he does, we run into the next delay. The 6-disk duplicating machine we use is broken beyond repair. Meanwhile, close your eyes and enjoy the show. Information: Performance Program Flyer. Recorded Sunday, April 5, Performance Program Flyer Color Flyer.

Gustav Holst, music. Christina Rosetti, text. Deck the Hall.

David Willcocks. We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

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Band and Chorus. Selections from Francis Poulenc, Gloria also on the program holiday selections with the Alexandria Band and Quadrille. Concert CD Order Form. Performance Program Color Flyer. Burlington [] April ad p. The Consecration of the Priestess of Bacchus There is perhaps a player of a woodwind, and there are at least eight tambourine players. Hansen, ed. Oldenburg A Reading from Homer.

Franz Schubert

Philadelphia Museum of Art. A man holds a kithara and a woman holds a tambourine. Apollo [] The Women of Amphissa There is a tambourine on the floor. Spring Festival. New York art market Three men play woodwind instruments and four dancing women play tambourines. Burlington [] Feb. Los Angeles art market A procession led by a female?

(312) [Page iv]

Apollo 95 [] [small reproduction]; Burlington [] Feb. Harvest Festival. Hamburg KH. Figures play two double woodwinds, flute and tambourine. Gazette des Beaux-Arts [September ] La chronique des arts no.

Mirjam's Siegesgesang, D.942 (Schubert, Franz)

Triumph: [Crane Pr] Crane, Walter Le triomphe du Travail. A festive procession including players of a shepherd's pipe, a wavy trumpet and a woman playing a tambourine. Das irdische Paradies. Motive und Ideen des Festival Day in Rome German art market Includes several mandola players and two women with tambourines. Die Weltkunst 51 [] London, Museum of London. The Duke of Gloucester's band leading a procession of school children.

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It includes a negro tambourine player. La Gloria. Edinburgh NGS. Figures play two guitars. There are dancers, at least one with a tambourine, and there is a large unplayed tambourine. Italian setting. National Gallery of Scotland. Edinburgh A negro band with two banjos, accordion, castanets and tambourine.

A Romany Dance. A group of gypsy women and children gathered by a well. Two girls dance, flourishing tambourines. Connoisseur [] August ad p. Portrait of a Roman Woman with a Tambourine It is a large tambourine with jingles and two?

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The tambourine is at the viewer's right in the composition. It is a large tambourine, viewed from the edge The tambourine is at the viewer's left in the composition. Les Gravures musicales dans L'Illustration See the entries for "tambour de basque," and "tambourin," vol. III, pp. Tours, Alfred Mame et fils, One of her attendants beats a tambourine or a shallow frame drum with at least a pellet bell dangling from it. Gazette des Beaux-Arts 79 [] [small reproduction], as The Childhood of Bacchus A centaur plays a double woodwind, a nude man plays cymbals, and a female child plays a tambourine.

Die Weltkunst 54 [] [poor reproduction]. Paris, L. Hachette, The musicians include a woman? Gazette des Beaux-Arts 79 [] Detroit Institute of Arts. It plays or holds aloft a tambourine. Related to The Dance Paris. Burlington , as ca. The Dance A man plays a tambourine as other figures dance. Art of the Nineteenth Century. New York Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux New Haven VI, opp.

Carpeaux," wood engraving from L'Illustration, ], p. Appert -- someone threw ink on the sculpture], p. Chicago AI. Seasons: [Andrieu Pa] Andrieu, Pierre Chateau de Guermantes. Includes a figure with a tambourine? Gazette des Beaux-Arts 67 [] Includes a bacchante with a tambourine. A woman dances with castanets, accompanied by women playing a long-necked lute and a tambourine. Cohen Gravures musicales. A dancing couple is accompanied by several musicians, including one playing a tambourine. One of them, a woman, plays a tambourine. Cohen Gravures musicales no.

Street musicians. Men play violin and sing with a tambourine.