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Bach Comes to Call Mr. Place The plays presents the audience with a grim tale of fatal attraction in the remote desolate moors of the northern coast of Iceland where fog, sea, and frost merge into an implacable darkness that permeates the soul. Black Widow and Iron Man meet on a balcony at a masquerade party and head for a dangerous game; are they friends or fows, are they lovers or adversaries — do they know each other or are they strangers?

The text is partly rhymed, like a long poem, touching some of the most important issues young people are facing today; the youngsters are torn between contrasting feelings of love, hate, sexual desire, dreams, and the eternal question about what is real and what is unreal. He is a founding member of the Mindgroup, an European umbrella group of people involved in experimental theater.

Stage plays are e. Ghost train Reykjavik City Theatre , Surf. It was also nominated for the Nordic Council Film Prize. The play and the film are based on a true story of an Icelandic fisherman who survived in the freezing ocean after his boat capsized off the south coast of Iceland. Written in a beautifully poetic language it is a breathtaking insight into the mind of a fisherman and his desperate struggle to survive.

Salka Gudmundsdottir was born in Reykjavik, Iceland, where she currently resides and works as a writer and translator.

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In , her short story One of the Lads was awarded first prize in the annual crime writing competition run by the Icelandic Crime Association. Breaker was subsequently performed at Underbelly Cowgate throughout the Edinburgh Fringe Breaker is a powerful new play by Icelandic writer Salka Gudmundsdottir, translated and directed by Scottish director Graeme Maley.

Caught up in nostalgia and myths, Daniel comes to the remote island where his grandmother grew up, seeking answers and closure but finds local teacher Sunna trying to make her own way through the darkness following a horrific series of events in the community. Gripping and thought-provoking.

Her first book, Meat Town , straddles the divide between poetry and narrative and was hailed upon its release for its idiosyncratic sense of humor and powerful imagery.

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Her last novel, A fist or a heart to by published in English in the fall of by A. Hystory tells the story of three young women who have been childhood friends but have not met for many years. One of them decides to invite the other two to her home. The gathering goes well at first; they chat and enjoy their mutual stories which seem to bring them close together again.

But suddenly terrible things start to merge from their past. There he wrote The Commercial of the Year.

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His plays have been published in books and translated into En- glish, French, Dutch and German. Tyrfingur Tyrfingsson lives in Amsterdam. Outside Mikael, her former step-son and lover, is standing and in desperate need of help. Aaf Brandt Corstius started as a daily columnist for nrc. After several years she moved to de Volkskrant. She wrote her first play, Fifty Fifty , about an open marriage for Mosquitowiththegoldentooth featuring the actors Marcel Musters and Lies Visschedijk.

For her birthday, Bob is taking his sister Marit to a cottage near the beach on the Dutch isle of Texel. A comedy about old grudges and new life. About lazy sperm, quick decisions, easy accusations and difficult choices. And about the question: How far will you go for your brother or sister?

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His extensive dramatic work makes him one of the most prolific playwrights in Slovakia and many of his plays have been staged on the Slovak as well as world stage. As every year, Alena, a daughter of an active dissident, celebrates her birthday only in the circle of her closest relatives — her husband Michal, a former manager of the Czechoslovak Film and at the moment an archivist, and her son who is in his first year of medicine studies. After all, February in Bratislava belongs to the most awful months and the basic unit of society is — a socialistic family.

Michal is coming down from the roof of a block of flats where he spends most time and gives Alena a secretly smuggled washing powder Persil. The Soviet Union mourns but Alena is supposed to lose a lot on that day. Nothing is going to be definite for her any more. How does it feel to sacrifice yourself for your family even though you need to swallow your pride? Is it possible to protect others when you get involved with totalitarianism? Does evil done with a good intention count? What is a person willing to give up for the others?