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Not just humans but many animals retaliate against those who threaten or harm them, Barash and Lipton point out. We also engage in "redirected aggression," lashing out against innocent bystanders. The classic example is the man who, after being yelled at by his boss, goes home and whacks his wife or kid. Another example is the U. If we don't try harder to break these cycles of violence, we will never escape war's grip once and for all. Photo of Gaddafi courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and Aljazeera.

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A fiery message from Gaddafi: my enemies deserve to die | The Independent

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  • After initially groping for a response, the United States has now openly called for Kadhafi to step down, suggesting he should go into exile. White House spokesman Jay Carney said "exile" was "one option" that would satisfy US demands for Kadhafi to go, amid the uprising.

    Gaddafi tells the media: 'All my people love me. They would die to protect me'

    But Gaddafi hit back, saying he had been let down by the United States. I'm surprised that we have an alliance with the West to fight al Qaeda, and now that we are fighting terrorists they have abandoned us," he said, according to ABC television.

    He also challenged those who have suggested he has stashed money abroad to produce evidence of such funds and said he would "put two fingers in their eye," the BBC reported. He seemed very unconcerned about foreign pressure, saying the Libyan people were behind him, the Libyan people loved him," Bowen wrote on the BBC website. On 30 May , Amesys was declared an "assisted witness".

    Amesys: - Response re article alleging Amesys sold surveillance equipment to Libyan authorities , 22 Dec - Amesys press release , 1 Sep Read the full post here.

    Gaddafi quotes: the dead Libya dictator in his own words - top 20 quotes

    Download the full document here. Dans le contexte des printemps arabes, [d]es informations This case was opened after FIDH and LDH filed a complaint in October against Amesys, a French company, for complicity in acts of torture by supplying the Gaddafi regime with the surveillance equipment needed for the repression of political opponents and the population as a whole Un autre biais donc. The area of corporate accountability and transitional justice is relatively under explored