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Experiences in multiyear combined state-parameter estimation with an ecosystem model of the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans using the Ensemble Kalman Filter. Time-frequency tracking of spectral structures estimated by a data-driven method. Analytic signal phase-based myocardial motion estimation in tagged MRI sequences by a bilinear model and motion compensation. Iteration-free PDL with storing, recovering and parallel composition: a complete axiomatization.

Reconstruction of ultrasound RF echoes modelled as stable random variables. Unsupervised spectral clustering for segmentation of dynamic PET images. Chali, Yllias and Hasan, Sadid A. A reinforcement learning formulation to the complex question answering problem. Contract-based modeling and verification of timed safety requirements within SysML.

Energy and thermal models for simulation of workload and resource management in computing systems. Simulated prosthetic vision: The benefits from computer-based object recognition and localization. Erratum to: Database preference queries - a possibilistic logic approach with symbolic priorities.

Allocentric coding: spatial range and combination rules. Exploring AADL verification tool through model transformation.

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Multiple-valued extensions of analogical proportions. Resolution enhancement in medical ultrasound imaging. Sequential estimation of surface water mass changes from daily satellite gravimetry data. Modeling 3D animals from a side-view sketch. Research on tables and graphs in academic articles: Pitfalls and promises [Brief Communication]. Simulation of real-time systems with clock calculus. Hyperspectral and multispectral image fusion based on a sparse representation. A help for assisting people based on a depth cameras system dedicated to elderly and dependent people.

A thorough analysis of the performance of delay distribution models for IEEE Academic careers in Computer Science: Continuance and transience of lifetime co-authorships. Cloud computing: survey on energy efficiency.

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Deliberative control components for eldercare robot team cooperation. Direct Search Based on Probabilistic Descent. Improvement of range-free localization technology by a novel DV-hop protocol in wireless sensor networks. Performance assessment of a recent change detection method for homogeneous and heterogeneous images.

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Y-chromosome descent clusters and male differential reproductive success: young lineage expansions dominate Asian pastoral nomadic populations. Balbiani, Philippe and van Ditmarsch, Hans. A simple proof of the completeness of APAL. AStrion data validation of non-stationary wind turbine signals. An academic odyssey: Writing over time. Annotation management: a Group decision support system for nurses tasks. Mokadem, Riad and Hameurlain, Abdelkader. Differentiated Multiple Aggregations in Multidimensional Databases.

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Principes et axiomatisation. Exascale machines require new programming paradigms and runtimes. Facilitate effective decision-making by warehousing reduced data: is it feasible? Globally convergent evolution strategies. Globally convergent evolution strategies for constrained optimization. Hyperspectral Pansharpening: A Review. Improving accessibility of tactile interaction for older users: lowering accuracy requirements to support drag-and-drop interaction. Truillet, Philippe.

Parallel computation of entries of A Salles, Maryse. The influence of moral sensitivity on organizational cooperation. Soulier, Laure and Tamine, Lynda. A formal account of dishonesty. Survey on multi-channel access methods for wireless LANs. A Note on Directions for Cumulativity. Borderline vs. Energy-efficient and thermal-aware resource management for heterogeneous datacenters. Gene regulated car driving: using a gene regulatory network to drive a virtual car. Amgoud, Leila. Postulates for logic-based argumentation systems. Using wrist vibrations to guide hand movement and whole body navigation.


Weighted logics for artificial intelligence : an introductory discussion. A graph based approach to trace models composition. Decision support with ill-known criteria in the collaborative supply chain context. Disjunctive closures for knowledge compilation. Inclusion-exclusion principle for belief functions. Modeling a bacterial ecosystem through chemotaxis simulation of a single cell. Representing qualitative capacities as families of possibility measures. Sequential beat-to-beat P and T wave delineation and waveform estimation in ECG signals: Block Gibbs sampler and marginalized particle filter.

Definability and canonicity for Boolean logic with a binary relation. Dubois, Didier.

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On various ways of tackling incomplete information in statistics. Statistical reasoning with set-valued information : Ontic vs. An IEEE On domain expertise-based roles in collaborative information retrieval. Reaching nearby sources : comparison between real and virtual sound and visual targets. Wind parameters extraction from aircraft trajectories. Spoiled patterns : how to extend the GoF. Pursuing automated classification of historic photographic papers from raking light photomicrographs. Towards a generic power estimator. A three step blind approach for improving HPC systems' energy performance.

Exploiting performance counters to predict and improve energy performance of HPC systems. Multidimensional database modelling with differentiated multiple aggregations. Possibilistic sequential decision making. Word sense discrimination in information retrieval: a spectral clustering-based approach. A parsimonious oscillatory model of handwriting. Capturing equilibrium models in modal logic.

Decision process in large-scale crisis management. A fuzzy constraint-based approach to data reconciliation in material flow analysis. Combining compound and single terms under language model framework.

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Crack-free rendering of dynamically tesselated B-Rep models. Learning cultural heritage by serious games. Public policies and multilingualism in HCI. Reverse back-off mechanism for safety vehicular ad hoc networks.