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He was tall, slim, blonde, and handsome—and all the single girls in the church were after him! He married me anyway. On the fourth night after we were married, Kenneth and I were praying together with my parents in the living room. The Lord had never said anything like that to Kenneth before. At first he was kind of hesitant. But after the third time the Lord had spoken to him, he lightly touched my forehead with his left hand.

I instantly received the Holy Spirit and began speaking in tongues. That same night, I sensed the Lord telling me that one day Kenneth would be gone. I thought it meant that he would die, so I pushed the thought aside.

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Plainly, the impact of the Exodus on the hearts of Israel was not to diminish in subsequent generations. It inspired hope, faith, and confidence in generation after generation. In order to convince readers of his testimony that the name of Jesus Christ is the only name by which salvation comes, Nephi chose the Exodus as the core of his sacred oath:. See 1 Ne. The first of these groups to call upon the Lord was the group of persons who, under the leadership of Alma the Elder, fled from King Noah and then settled in the land of Helam. See Mosiah — Eventually, they fell into bondage and sought deliverance of the Lord.

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See Mosiah 23 , Mosiah The second group, the people of King Limhi, found that even a series of armed rebellions could not free them from being slaves to the Lamanites. In each instance, the Exodus was held up as the proof that God can and will rescue his people. Mosiah It served as a pattern for their escape as well.

In each instance, the Lord controlled events and opened the way for escape, just as he did for ancient Israel.

See Mosiah ; Mosiah President Heber J. In regard to our children we can warn, cheer for, and share the results of our own tests, but we cannot give them what we have. Anything we do to short-circuit the need to conduct the test is a disservice. However, our faith and motivation to find out for ourselves grow exponentially as we hear the testimony of others.

In the Second Lecture on Faith, par. Miraculous things can happen when we bear testimony to each other of the things we know by experience to be true.

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The vital key in sharing testimony is that we do it as prompted and directed by the Spirit. All who have passed the test in testimony and received the blessings of comfort and affirmation of truth are doubly blessed when they witness to others of the truths they have come to know.

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As we bear pure testimony, the Spirit swells our own hearts to overflowing, sometimes spilling out in tears. We are left with a deeper surer testimony from the additional spiritual confirmation we receive as we share.

From Test to Testimony

If we speak saving truths clearly and avoid cluttering them up, the Holy Ghost will confirm them. That is the process of conversion; that is the secret of true missionary work. I first felt the power of the Comforter when my former husband was in a plane crash and nearly lost his life.

I felt the sustaining power of the Comforter when passing through the crucible of divorce. We will come and get her in three weeks. The presence of the Spirit during those difficult days transformed them into mountaintop experiences for me. I learned each time that joy is not the absence of pain, but the presence of God.

Taking the Oncofocus Test: Karan’s Testimony

Nearly two decades ago I felt the protecting, loving hands of the Lord when my life was spared in a freeway accident and I lay bedfast for three months. I bear witness that there is nothing we need fear in this life as long as we hold fast to our connection with the Holy Spirit. I have no need to live on borrowed light in regard to these truths. Ensign , Nov.

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