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Whew thank goodness they're exoticals Lol I kid.. I kid people I kid. Thanks x 1. Hannah is an LSA member, if you are a wife and want to blast her think again. Mar 14, Well then Her and her cronies showed up trying to defend themselves.. Thanks x 2. I'm not sure Mona consented to that interview.

Frankly, if i were her, i wouldn't like that interview.

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It's filled with innuendos. I would be careful if I were her. Mar 16, Apr 7, This shit couldnt possibly make the friggin Wall Street Journal!

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It's a set up Those pics in that article are no longer public. She made them private. She was discussed here. And then a crew reversed an attack with gossip and rumors and everything was deleted by the admins. I would never attend one of her parties. I first heard of Mona YEARS ago like 7 years ago I was at a movie premier with wesley snipes and a white girl with bleached hair and very tanned i believe she was italian, she sits next to me and is talking a lot to me. She begins to ask me if i've heard of Mona? I say no, she tells me that Mona doesn't give a shit about these NBA players they use people so she uses them and throws girls at them.

Later on I'm shopping at a store called Mendocino, and the same girl works there, she begins to go on and on about Vince Carter and how she's mad that Vince Carter disses so many ladies i figured she was just nasty to him and mad he dissed her but who knows with all the other tea on her about vince carter being a switch hitter Eventually i heard more and more of her after seeing NBA flyers etc.

He wasn't tight with her but his boys were tight with her crew. He told me that she had once approached him and told him some girls were feeling him. The girl i think was a long faced light skinned chick natalie nunn part 2 without the body of natalie nunn lol. My man didn't take her up on the offer. A female has also told me that she was approached by them to "join" ANyhow, that is just what i have heard over and over and over again. The scene is tired. If you go to those parties you are a certain type of female looking for a certain type of thing.

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Thank you very much Nicklas. Nicklas Gustafsson. Stunning work! Karen, thank you so much for the feature in Lady Photographers and Artists - I do really appreciate your support.

Facebooking With Mona

Thank you very much Bob. Bob Corson. Great capture.

Thank you very much Steve. Steve Gass. Thank you very much Dorothy. Dorothy Pugh. Charming subject and presentation! Thank you very much Carole. Very striking piece.

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  • Love the painterly effect. Beth, thank you so much for the feature in All Natural Beauty of this World - I do really appreciate your support. Bob Lentz. Thank you very much Michelle. Michelle Meenawong. Thank you so very much Beth. Thankyou very much Reynold. Reynold Jay. Nice touches make this special, Mona! Well Done!

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