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Winkler, Willi, author. W56 Unknown. Zimmermann, Gunnar B. Hamburg : Forschungsgegenstand und Geschichtslandschaft besonderer Art? H28 Z56 Unknown. The conquest of ruins : the Third Reich and the fall of Rome []. Hell, Julia, author.

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Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, Description Book — xiv, pages : illustrations ; 23 cm Summary The Roman Empire has been a source of inspiration and a model for imitation for Western empires practically since the moment Rome fell. Yet, as Julia Hell shows in The Conquest of Ruins, what has had the strongest grip on aspiring imperial imaginations isn't that empire's glory but its fall--and the haunting monuments left in its wake.

Hell examines centuries of European empire-building--from Charles V in the sixteenth century and Napoleon's campaigns of the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries to the atrocities of Mussolini and the Third Reich in the s and '40s--and sees a similar fascination with recreating the Roman past in the contemporary image. In every case--particularly that of the Nazi regime--the ruins of Rome seem to represent a mystery to be solved: how could an empire so powerful be brought so low?

Hell argues that this fascination with the ruins of greatness expresses a need on the part of would-be conquerors to find something to ward off a similar demise for their particular empire.

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

H45 Unknown. The darkest year : the American home front []. Klingaman, William K. First edition. Martin's Press, For Americans on the home front, the twelve months following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor comprised the darkest year of World War Two. Despite government attempts to disguise the magnitude of American losses, it was clear that the nation had suffered a nearly unbroken string of military setbacks in the Pacific; by the autumn of , government officials were openly acknowledging the possibility that the United States might lose the war.

Appeals for unity and declarations of support for the war effort in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor made it appear as though the class hostilities and partisan animosities that had beset the United States for decades - and grown sharper during the Depression - suddenly disappeared. They did not, and a deeply divided American society splintered further during as numerous interest groups sought to turn the wartime emergency to their own advantage. Blunders and repeated displays of incompetence by the Roosevelt administration added to the sense of anxiety and uncertainty that hung over the nation.

The Darkest Year focuses on Americans' state of mind not only through what they said, but in the day-to-day details of their behaviour. Klingaman blends these psychological effects with the changes the war wrought in American society and culture, including shifts in family roles, race relations, economic pursuits, popular entertainment, education, and the arts.

K55 Unknown. Deviation []. English D'Eramo, Luce, , author. London : Pushkin Press, Description Book — xv, pages ; 25 cm Summary 'Sometimes when you go astray and touch bottom, you finally come out on the other side' Lucie was brought up by bourgeois parents as a passionate young fascist. At the age of eighteen, the headstrong protagonist decides to volunteer in the Nazi labour camps in Germany.

Wishing to disprove what she sees as the lies that are being told about Nazi-Fascism, she instead encounters the horrors of life there - and is changed completely. Shedding her identity, she joins a group of deportees being sent to Dachau concentration camp. She escapes the camp in October , and wanders around a Germany devastated by allied bombardments. Then, in February , while helping dig in rubble seeking to rescue survivors, a wall falls on her and she is left paralysed from the waist down.

Translated into English for the first time, Deviation is an autobiographical novel about the repression of memory, and one woman's attempt to make sense of the hell she has lived through. E D Available. French Hitler, Adolf, interviewee. Serais-je fou? H5 A5 Available. Quelles sont ses relations avec les civils?

Reinhard Mehring - Carl Schmitts Freund-Feind-Unterscheidung heute?

Comment vit-il la guerre? R66 Available. The Exiles : actors, artists and writers who fled the Nazis for London []. Santini, Daria, author. London : Bloomsbury Academic, Description Book — xvi, pages : illustrations ; 24 cm Summary Chapter 1. Barrie Chapter 2.

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London Gains a Library Chapter 4. Austrian actress Elisabeth Bergner dominated the British theatre scene, poet and director Berthold Viertel shot two successful films for Gaumont British; two great actors from the Weimar era, Conrad Veidt and Fritz Kortner, became well-known faces in English-speaking cinema and the Hungarian journalist Stefan Lorant launched the first ever continental-style illustrated magazine for the British newspaper market. Exploring a phase in the history of Anglo-German relations during which the emigres from Hitler's Germany were making their influence felt in Britain, Daria Santini traces their presence in London from around to when these characters made their presence truly felt, all while the Nazi threat loomed on the horizon.

G4 S26 Unknown. Bailly, Sylvie, author.

Stories from the Mist: The Colubrii: Awakening

M29 B35 Available. Schmuhl, Robert P. Notre Dame, Indiana : University of Notre Dame Press, [] Description Book — xviii, pages ; 23 cm Summary The Glory and the Burden: The American Presidency from FDR to Trump is a timely examination of the state of the American presidency and the forces that have shaped it over the past seventy-five years, with an emphasis on the dramatic changes that have taken place within the institution and to the individuals occupying the Oval Office.

In this fascinating book, Robert Schmuhl traces the evolution of the modern presidency back to the terms of Franklin Roosevelt, maintaining that FDR's White House years had a profound impact on the office, resulting in significant changes to the job and to those who have performed it since. Specifically, the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution, limiting a president to two terms, has largely redefined each administration's agenda.

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News sources and social media have also grown exponentially, exercising influence over the conduct of presidents and affecting the consequences of their behavior. Schmuhl examines the presidency as an institution and the presidents as individuals from several different perspectives. He identifies recent trends in the office and probes the relationship between the White House and various forms of contemporary media. This book is an engrossing read for a general audience, particularly those with an interest in politics, American history, journalism, and communications.

S Unknown. Hitler : a biography []. English Longerich, Peter, author.

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H5 L Unknown. Hitler : die wichtigsten Fragen []. Ullrich, Volker, author. Beck, [] Description Book — pages : 9 illustrations ; 20 cm. War Hitler bereits in Wien ein radikaler Antisemit? Wie erlebte Hitler das Ende des Krieges? Wann und mit welcher Mitgliedsnummer trat Hitler der Deutschen Arbeiterpartei bei? Wie inszenierte sich Hitler als Redner?

Welche Lehren zog Hitler aus dem gescheiterten Putsch? Wie waren die Haftbedingungen in der Festung Landsberg? Wie entstand "Mein Kampf"?

see url Welche zentralen Ideen vertritt Hitler in "Mein Kampf"? War "Mein Kampf" ein ungelesener Bestseller? Warum profitierte Hitler am meisten von der Weltwirtschaftskrise? Januar ? Waren die Nationalsozialisten die Urheber des Reichstagsbrandes? Welchen Anteil hatte Hitler an dem nationalsozialistischen "Wirtschaftswunder"? War die NS-Volksgemeinschaft ein blosses Propagandakonstrukt? Inwieweit bestimmte Hitler die antisemitische Politik des Regimes nach ?

Hitler privat Hitler-ein Politiker ohne Privatleben? In welchen privaten Kreisen verkehrte Hitler? Welche Beziehungen pflegte Hitler zu Frauen? Wie verlief ein Tag auf dem Berghof?

ruth uncensored the story you thought you knew Manual

Welche Hobbys pflegte Hitler? Wie las er? Wie stand es um Hitlers Gesundheit? Wie hielt es Hitler mit der Religion? Welche Sprachen beherrschte Hitler? Wie ging Hitlervor, um seine aussenpolitischen Ziele zu erreichen? Warum schloss Hitler Anfang einen Nichtangriffspakt mit Polen?