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Han, Byung-Chul

So this just confirms the view that I had in June Mr. Snowden had to be put underground where nobody could detect him.

I advised my instructing solicitor Mr. Jonathan Man that we had to put Mr.

Snowden in a safe and confidential environment. But we also needed Mr. Snowden in a place where there will be no cameras, no CCTV and in a location where nobody would expect him or look for him. Snowden could go to another hotel or to put him in an ordinary Hong Kong residence as there would be great reluctance to bring him in. People are nervous in Hong Kong being in the spotlight or going up against the government. So it came to my mind that Mr.

And the refugees themselves have their own supporting network. They often bring newly arrived asylum-seekers into their homes and help them because it is very difficult when you arrive in Hong Kong and you are seeking refuge for the first time.

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So it was a calculation of which locations and which families would be willing to help Mr. Jonathan Man and I contacted families who in the past had brought in asylum-seekers to stay with them. My calculation was that no one would ever think that a man of Mr. And it worked successfully.

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And are these refugees that help Mr. Snowden still in Hong Kong? Or did they manage to leave? They are still in Hong Kong. They are still stuck there, they are all still in the refugee screening process. The first part of that process is the screening before the director of immigration. Snowden, providing him shelter and food, which is extraordinary. The Hong Kong government has basically accused me, my instructing solicitor and my clients, the Snowden Refugees, of all being liars.

That we were just not telling the truth. So I filed all their appeals at the end of May last year and now that appeal process is ongoing. The other refugee families their appeal hearings will be heard in Oh absolutely. It is almost certain that the torture claim appeal board will reject all their refugee claims. And only about 80 claims have been accepted among 30, The Hong Kong government does not believe that there exists a law or a person that is classified as a refugee.

All refugees coming to Hong Kong are considered to be illegal immigrants. They have little over zero percent chance of succeeding and even if they succeed the Hong Kong government states as its policy that any successful refugee claimant is still considered to be an illegal immigrant which is extraordinary. Once that happens, The Hong Kong government will almost certainly detain my clients, remove the children from the parents and make preparations to deport them to send them back to their home countries. But the Hong Kong government has cut off all rent electricity gas transport money to all the families — except the former soldier but what he receives is so little that he cannot survive.

When the media published in September that these clients have provided food and shelter to Mr. Snowden, International social services insisted on asking my clients questions about Mr. When my clients declined to answer any questions then the assistance was cut off. In terms of how to they survive they do require financial support through private donations.

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Any donations no matter how big or how small can make a difference for the families. His plan was to go to Latin America to Ecuador. If Mr. Snowden actually intended to go to Russia in terms of his end destination he would have had to apply for a Russian visa. Snowden actually have gotten on a flight from Hong Kong that was simply transiting through Russia.

And nothing more than that. And when he was in Russia he was stuck. He was not able to move on.

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He could not travel any further, because officials revoked his U. Where there other countries helping Mr. Snowden in this situation? At the Moscow airport Mr. Snowden had reached out to a lawyer in Moscow.

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Snowden had made 21 applications for asylum in countries around the world. Unfortunately each and every country declined to offer asylum. But it was not an option for him to go to any consulate or embassy. Sticker with Edward Snowden: He was seeking asylum in 21 states, including Germany. The situation in Germany was complicated. There were different politicians and different political parties having very different views about what Mr.

Snowden had done.

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He really would be in the best position to discuss this. Snowden should be allowed to travel to Germany to testify about government electronic mass surveillance and to remain safe in Germany, without a risk to be detained or charged with any crimes or extradited.

Snowden is doing fine. Again Mr. Snowden has made such significant disclosures that still have an ongoing impact. Snowden also very significantly is a unique voice for the issues of privacy and government abuse. For the 21 st century, at this stage he really is in my view the most significant voice on these issues. Edward Snowden at a display at Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow: He was stuck here for days.

Snowden will leave Russia one day. He would like to go back home. But again this is all going to come down to timing. And as I said earlier history will look very kindly in my view on Mr. But it is just a matter of time and circumstances. Politically in the United States this is clearly not the right time. I speak with Mr.

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Snowden when there is a need. And there are different channels of communication - ranging from electronic to seeing him personally in Russia. Snowden in Moscow, May 29, The famous whistleblower is still in exile. But he is a unique client. He did something extraordinary: Without a doubt he is the most significant whistleblowers of the 21st-century. There are certain features of this case that required and still requires an enormous amount of attention and care.