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No one wants to receive care from a seemingly cold-hearted individual.

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Treating patients with kindness is one of the most powerful patient retention strategies because people seek comfort from professionals managing their health. A triple bypass, for example, is just another day at work for a surgeon, but it can be terrifying for a patient and their loved ones. People want to feel like their provider is truly invested in their well-being, so reaching out shortly after their visit adds an extra element of warmth.

No one appreciates being made to feel like a number. Patient retention is the key to a lasting healthcare practice. Patient experience is largely dictated by bedside manner because people want to receive treatment from a caring provider who makes them feel valued. Lose a patient because of less-than-stellar bedside manner?

Bedside manner

Instantly see how you compare to other practices in your local area and specialty. PatientPop May 24, Keep Patients Informed Healthcare providers perform medical procedures on a daily basis, but even routine practices can intimidate uninformed patients. Display Compassion No one wants to receive care from a seemingly cold-hearted individual. If you have good bedside manner, people will tell you and compliment you on it. Remind yourself about what happened on the last visit, what tests you ordered, what the results of those tests are, what prescriptions you wrote, etc.

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  • Patients are impressed if you know what's going on with them ahead of time without having to look up or ask for a lot of information about them while you're in the room with them. By the same token, they are also annoyed if you don't know their history or test results that they have been waiting 2 weeks to hear about. Also, try to anticipate their questions and how you are going to answer them before the visit, especially if the discussion is going to be about something serious or life changing.

    At least have an idea about what your plan of care might be ahead of time. Excuse yourself if you have to take a phone call.

    Always be polite. Pay attention to this.

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    With computers in every room, there is a tendency just to go in the room, right to the terminal, and barely glance at the person whose life you have in your hands. Patients notice this. Never hug and never touch in any other way except as part of the exam. A pat on the upper back is okay as the patient is leaving, but never more than that.


    It may be perceived as condescending. This is what patients complain about most — that their doctors never listen to them. The patient needs to feel that you understand what is going on with them. NEVER be condescending.

    Health care provider collaboration benefits patients with HIV

    Remain open-minded. Never be so entrenched in your own opinions that you can't allow your self to see the other side. If you need to express disagreement, always do so respectfully, letting the person know you understand how or why they might have that opinion, but explain that you feel differently because Always try to explain why you disagree. It may be based on the medical literature, research or your experience, but it should be something credible.

    To answer, But, following a lot more research she found a specific and pioneering programme, here in the UK, that was targeted at graduates and people who already had accumulated a significant amount of world, work and personal experience.

    The thinking behind the course was that more mature entrants into the medical profession tend to come with more life experience, better personal and communication skills and are, therefore, more likely to have a better bedside manner. There is a lot of research that supports this position and personal, communication and listening skills are increasingly being incorporated into modern, medical teaching practices.

    If you are interested, you can check these links to find out more: one , two and three.

    15 Bedside Manner Techniques to Improve Patient Experience -

    However, this got me to thinking about the parallels between healthcare, bedside manners and other customer service situations. What I mean is this: just because a doctor has most, if not all, of the knowledge and power in a medical situation does not mean that they should exercise it all of the time. The best doctors know that simply by listening, asking questions and comforting the patient they can have a far greater and more positive effect on their patient than if they just deliver an answer or prescribe a course of drugs or a specific treatment.