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They learn that America had slavery and treated women unequally and that colonists and settlers behaved in beastly ways toward "Native Americans. They end up not knowing whether the Civil War came before or after the American Revolution or who attacked Pearl Harbor. Yet American adults seem to hunger for another kind of history.

They snap up copies of excellent recent books on the Founding Fathers and the Civil War. They want to know how this country came to be what it is: a nation that has advanced ordered freedom, representative government, and bounteous global capitalism. A narrative history cannot, even in some thousand pages, cover everything, nor can it be based on close examination of more than a few primary sources. He has a gift for choosing the pithy, revealing anecdote and for providing fresh character sketches and critical analyses of the leading figures.

This is an American history that adults will find refreshing and enlightening and that younger readers will find a darn good read. He starts off with Christopher Columbus, but soon shifts from the conquistadors to the English settlers of Virginia and Massachusetts Bay.

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His is an Anglocentric America, where settlers brought English traditions of law and liberty and spread them, with modifications, across the continent. They also brought slaves, as Bennett notes. One way this book differs from the histories that I read growing up in the s is that black Americans are woven into the story throughout—as slaves in the colonies and the young republic, as opponents of slavery before and during the Civil War, and as advocates of desegregation in the 20th century.

Due notice is given the extraordinary Frederick Douglass, and due praise is given Thomas Jefferson for his demand for a speedy end to the slave trade, and to Ulysses S. Grant for his unhappily unsuccessful attempt to preserve black citizens' rights in the Reconstruction-era South. Martin Luther King, Jr. In contrast, Bennett's treatment of American Indians will irritate some.

He does not indulge the fantasy that they lived in respectful harmony with nature, and takes pains to show why American frontiersmen and -women saw them as something like terrorists. Bennett's America is, most of all, the product of great men. George Washington takes center stage when in , at age 21, he negotiates with the French in what is now western Pennsylvania.

With relish the author tells us how Washington crossed the Delaware in and saved the revolutionary cause from disaster, how he laid down his command voluntarily after the war, and came out of private life to preside at the Constitutional Convention. Bennett reports that when one delegate moved that the U.

One of the forces pushing the founders toward a closer federal union and also later toward division , notes Bennett, was the question of what to do with the territories. In , when slavery seemed to be on the way to abolition in most of the states, the Northwest Ordinance established that the territory north of the Ohio River would not have slavery. In , when Southerners hoped that slavery would expand beyond its present bounds, the Kansas-Nebraska Act opened any territory to slavery if its settlers were so inclined.

One lesson to be learned here is that 18th- and 19th-century American statesmen believed that their nation was still in the process of formation.

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