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At bats: 3. Jun 30, vs. Runs: 1.

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May 31, vs. Team GA Prime 17U. Hits: 1. RBI's: 2. May 28, vs. Total bases: 1.

Abuse Awareness: Church Should be a Refuge: Aaron Couch

Walks: 1. Jun 29, vs. Hit by pitch: 1. Jul 02, vs. Runs allowed: 0. Earned runs: 0. Hits allowed: 0. Strikeouts: 2. Checking back often with people to see how the relationship stands is critical to forward momentum. Remember that success comes over the long haul. Nothing worth doing comes quickly. If this is your dream, stay at it. Whether the dream is being thinner or building a company, consistent decisions in a singular direction are key to your success. Hang in there. The tipping point could be just around the corner.

Hopefully we can continue to inspire one another as we all work toward making a dent in achieving the best version of the life God intends for us. The truth is, relationships are not easy even when love is present.

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But God calls us into relationship with him and with each other. In fact, relationships are very important to God - so important that he talks about them all throughout his Word. You might be surprised at what you see! People felt safe coming to Jesus. We see this again and again. From children to the woman with the issue of blood, somehow Jesus was able to create the kind of space in a relationship where people could bring the truth of their circumstance forward and deal with it.

We call this space a relational environment. Relational Environments are much more than simply small groups. I say it this way — everywhere you go, you give off an emotional stench. We want this stench to be a good smell, not a bad one. Now, people can absolutely misread us. That happens all the time. But it happens a lot less when we are intentional about how we come across. Here are some actions that will help manage the culture in a positive way. I am genetically flawed for leadership. Here is what I mean: I have an oversized head, squinty eyes, and a natural scowl.

Not sure where to start?

Simply being lost in a thought for a brief moment gives off all the wrong ideas about how I feel and more importantly how I feel about the people I am with. An intentional smile makes all the difference. When I was younger in ministry, an older man who had many years of experience challenged me with this idea — just intentionally smile.

It seems silly, but it is a game changer for the people we serve and the people we serve with. Be generous with compliments:.

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It is a big dose of life giving energy. The Jews believe that when you bless someone, you obligate God to pull off the words you speak.

This is also true for curses. Accept feedback with a Thank You: It is always interesting what people take away from sermons. Recently, I went on a tangent in the sermon that apparently set off one man in particular. He couldn't get to me in the lobby fast enough. And he completely missed huge pieces of what I had said because he had already decided what he was going to challenge me on.

I would have loved to let him have it. He was wrong. And he was unfounded. And more than that, he embarrassed me in the lobby of my own church.

here But I believe in the value of feedback. So, I must be willing to take feedback with which I disagree, with as much grace and value as that with which I agree. An open door policy is not an open door policy if people are afraid to walk through the door. Just because your door is open doesn't mean people can talk to you.

There is certainly more to be said on this topic, but hopefully this will get the conversation going. Your shopping cart is empty Visit the shop. Posts by Aaron Couch. Sort: Select Ascending Descending. Show: Select 10 per page 20 per page 50 per page Show All. For whatever the Father does, that the Son does likewise. Interested in hearing about our DiscipleShift 1 Training? Click HERE. Renting to own a sofa and loveseat set is a great idea if you don't have the best or any credit, don't want to wait for layaway, or just don't want to part with all of that cash up front.

At Aaron's, we offer affordable lease to own plans with flexible payment options, so you can pay as you go. Oh, and one more thing: if you move within 15 miles of your local store, we'll move your furniture to your new place for free. Still curious? Learn more about all the rent to own benefits Aaron's offers.